Is It Time For Hospice?

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For those that have never experienced hospice personally, they may not have a full appreciation for the extensive range of services we offer and our support for patients AND caregivers. However, for many, even the word “hospice” can be a challenging topic. We have developed a special program to help provide an introduction to the collection of services – even if a patient is not quite ready.

About The Palliative Pathways Program

Palliative Pathways is a program designed to provide non-medical support and practical assistance for those who have a progressive illness. These are individuals that would benefit from additional support, but may not be ready for hospice care, either physically or emotionally. A Palliative Pathways representative meets with the patient and primary caregiver to assess needs and then coordinate the distribution of information and provides connections to community resources. They offer support, friendship and respite for patients and their families. They help with transportation, errands, respite for the caregiver, insurance questions, food preparation, friendship and more.

The Palliative Pathways representative serves as your guide, helping you identify needs, providing emotional support for decision making and pointing clients toward valuable community services.

Getting Started

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Anyone can refer a person to Palliative Pathways by calling (312) 662-1009. The Palliative Pathways representative will connect with the prospective client and his/her family.

Palliative Pathways is available to anyone who has been diagnosed with an advanced illness and has a prognosis of 18 months or less.

There are no charges for services provided. The program is fully funded through Sanctuary Hospice.

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